Power up your marketing efforts:

Leverage interactive experiencesthe metaversevirtual worldsuntapped potential to engage and convert

Digital experiences are hand-crafted and custom built to meet the goals of your campaign using the power of modern multiplayer virtual worlds.

About MelonDev

Interactive, digital worlds are the future.

Founded by Devon Thome in 2017, Melon Development was built with the primary goal of creating engaging virtual experiences for audiences of thousands. Now, our team leverages the tools provided by some of the most popular sandbox platforms to make that happen.

As a brand, standing out from the crowd and crafting a message that resonates with your audience is key, and traditional advertising just doesn't hold the same appeal that it used to. Building experiences, not just ads, that users can enjoy and associate with you create more fruitful, long lasting relationships. That's where we step in.

Your future is in the metaverse.

Crafting quality experiences is our priority. Helping you achieve your goals always comes first.

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Total Projects


Team Members

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Give your audience a reason to keep talking.

We approach every project with the same mentality that industry experts do. Create a fun, engaging, and interactive world - all while ensuring your brand image shines through every step of the way.

  • Increases Brand Notoriety
  • Boosts Conversions
  • Improves Word of Mouth Marketing
  • Increases ROI


Establish Your Goals

Every campaign is different, so starting from ground zero is always key. We'll determine your primary campaign objectives, as well as discuss other potential cross-benefit to other marketing efforts you may be running.


Leverage a Platform

Depending on your goals and target demographic, we'll recommend one of the many platforms we support. More traditional experiences may be right at home on the web or in a mobile app, or we may bring your experience to life in Roblox, Minecraft, or many other similar choices.


Design and Plan

Your entire experience is designed in advance as we walk you through every design choice. From documentation to wireframes & mockups.


Craft and Construct

Using your design concepts as a blueprint, our team will bring your experience to life. You'll see your campaign come to life.


Optimize and Reiterate

We adjust and quality check every aspect of your project to ensure every specification is met, cross referencing with your campaign goals every step of the way.


Deploy and Thrive

Launch your experience on your campaign schedule, with long-term support agreements available for projects that require it.

Creative Strategy

Your ideas are our diving board that we use to kick off everything else. No game design experience necessary.

In-House Management

Be as hands on (or off!) as you like throughout the campaign building process.

Experienced Engineering

Industry standard software development practices are priority, with everything else coming after.

Monetization Strategy

Whether your experience is optimized for brand awareness or to maximize ROI - it'll never impact your core loop.

World Creation

All experiences are hand crafted by our team - whether they live on the web or in-game.

Unrivaled Expertise

Our background is virtual. Our expertise is engagement. Combined, we create unforgettable virtual worlds.