Founded to early 2017, Melon Development aimed to take the stress out of planning and recruiting a team for your game and web-related projects. We leverage our years of experience in working with creators just like yourself to make the process of developing and monetizing your ideas as simple as possible.



Melon Development was founded by Devon Thome, the CEO, President, and Treasurer as well as the primary board member of the company. Devon has a background in computer science, specifically in the gaming industry. Since high school, creating game worlds and multiplayer experiences was what he wanted to do.

In early 2018, Kyle Bauske joined the team as the Chief Operating Officer and Secretary. Kyle, with a background in marketing and business helped increase sales month over month with well thought-out strategies and fantastic client outreach.

In Spring 2018, Jean May joined as the Chief Technology Officer, overseeing all engineering and development within the company, and ensuring our clients receive the highest quality work.

Devon, Kyle, and Jean are the 3 primary executives at Melon Development and work tirelessly everyday to ensure our clients and customers receive the highest quality products possible.



Melon Development, Inc. is based out of the Tampa Bay Area in the sunny state of Florida. While the primary team is based here, our talented team is located all over the world across multiple timezones.



Putting together a quality team to make your project a success is a challenge. Melon Development is a full service development and consulting firm that takes the pain out of the process, and will get you results.

We've worked on projects scaling millions of players and churning thousands in profit.

We can't wait to make your project a success together.



2017 - 2018

2017 - 2018

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Timeline so Far


May: Melon Development was founded as Melon Development, LLC as a means to handle client interest across various projects.

June: Melon Development made our first part-time hire with a second Developer. This brought the team members up to 2 and the ongoing client projects to 2.

August: Melon Development hired our first head of Partner Relations in charge of handling relations with current clients, as well as bringing on new ones. Another Java Developer was hired to keep up with client demand.

September: The CubedPay prototype began transition from a side project to a full-fledged product.



October: Melon Development hired 2 web developers, creating the web division within the company. While we didn't yet offer web services for clients, this served as the founding team behind CubedPay.

November: Applications for the CubedPay private beta were opened and we expanded our java team again.

December: We expanded the Java team once more.



January: We expand our web team once more by hiring a Full Stack Developer

February: Our second partner project launches. We hire another Java Developer, and the landing page for CubedPay goes live.

March: Kyle Bauske joins as our Chief Operating Officer, overseeing our client relations and partnership areas.

April: CubedPay goes into private beta. Jean May joins as our Chief Technology Officer, and development begins on the Uncharted project - designed to showcase all of our skills as a company.



May: Melon Development, LLC is dissolved and replaced by Melon Development, Inc. as the first board seats are filled. Trademarks for Melon Development and CubedPay are cleared.

June: Uncharted launches - marking our first product release in public beta. Melon Development finalizes partnerships with Bank of America and PayPal Marketplace for payment processing for CubedPay.

July: Checkout version 2 launches for CubedPay, preparing us for public beta. We hire another Web Developer, bringing our web team up to 4.

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