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Brand Portal

Brand Portals by Melon Development are the sleek, modern way to introduce companies, viewers, and other talent to your online brand and give them all the information they need immediately.


Built for You

All Brand Portals are custom designed and fit for every client. No two brand portals look the same, and that’s just how it should be. Whether you want to show off your millions of fans, redirect traffic to your merchandise website, or just give your visitors a landing page other than a YouTube channel, your portal will be the perfect place to call home.

Feature Packed

Brand portals are extremely modular and can do almost anything. Here are some of the most popular feature pages ordered by our clients:

  • Eye catching homepage. Impress your visits right off the bat with your social statistics across all your platforms, partner logos, various channels, and more

  • About page. Give your fans some insight into your life or business, or share details about your staff and characters that may be involved in your content

  • Statistics pages. Show off stats like your total video views, subscribers, twitter follows, instagram interactions, and much more in an eye catching and fun way

  • Merchandise page. Integrate with many popular merchandise providers and show off your store in the same great experience

  • Social page. Shows off latest uploads, most recent tweets, and latest instagram posts

  • Contact page. Allow brands and businesses to reach out to you while cutting back on the spam

Looking for something specific that we haven’t mentioned? Just ask.

Modern & Mobile

All brand portals are built using the latest web standards. They look great on mobile, are made to last, and are infinitely extensible with new pages, widgets, and so much more.

As with all of our orders, it’s also covered for 60 days for any problems or issues that occur.



Starts at $1,999 (one time payment)

Hosting available as an optional extra. Learn more.


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