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Game Portals by Melon Development put your ROBLOX game or Minecraft server on the same playing field as AAA titles and game companies. Give your players a premium way to view your news and updates, take part in your thriving community, and obtain exclusive items and abilities.

Demo Homepage  All Game Portals are customized to the game they’re ordered for.

Demo Homepage
All Game Portals are customized to the game they’re ordered for.


Made for your game.

Game Portals are designed by our team to fit the look and feel of your title. Your players will feel right at home regardless of what they’re doing, and your game will feel like it’s an AAA title sitting with the big industry players.

Features for Every Requirement

Game Portals are made by the team with years of experience in the gaming industry. We know what features your players will crave. We custom build each item carefully to fit every project.

  • Game Guides. Publish tutorial videos, wikis, game guides, and more. What better way for your players to learn the advanced mechanics from within your world than from your own site?

  • News and Blogs. In-line blogs with comments, ratings, and sharing allow you to share your latest updates and announcements with your players. Intuitive developer APIs let you display these posts in-game, too!

  • Forums & Leaderboards. What better way to empower your community then by allowing them to talk about one of their favorite games? Inspire the competitive edge that everyone has by putting leaderboards front and center, and running competitions to make people want to climb to the top!

  • Social Media Integrated. Show your latest facebook posts, tweets, and more directly in-line without players needing to jump to other platforms.

  • Rewards and Perks. Reward players for using your Game Portal with in-game items and bonuses!

  • Contacts Organized. Direct all your contact and business inquiries to your Game Portal’s contact form. Filter spam, general requests, and support easily.

  • Support and Helpdesk. Integrate a support system so players always know where to go!

Looking for something specific that we haven’t mentioned? Just ask.

Modern & Mobile

All game portals are built using the latest web standards. They look great on mobile, are made to last, and are infinitely extensible with new pages, widgets, and so much more.

As with all of our orders, it’s also covered for 60 days for any problems or issues that occur.


Every game portal is unique. With your own domain, custom-made theme, Intelligent Extensions, and much more.



Starts at $1,999 (one time payment)

Hosting available as an optional extra. Learn more.


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