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Melon Development can handle the entire deployment and management of your web applications. We partner with industry leader DigitalOcean to provide services at great rates that’ll cater to everything you and your company need.


It starts with a droplet.

No servers here. Droplets are dynamic, always available, always ready, and always scalable resources that act as the brain for your application. They take seconds to launch and are ready for your app in no time.


Always scalable

When you’re expecting that spike in traffic, gone are the days of waiting around for new hardware to be installed. Open a request with our team and your app is scaled up almost immediately.

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backups around the clock

Keep your sensitive data safe with automatic backups. Restore to previous snapshots at anytime with almost no downtime effecting your users.


Easy billing

Pay for your hosting the same way you pay for the rest of your services. No complicated panels to learn or new user accounts to manage.


Cloud powered databases.

No need for system admins here. Managed Databases are maintenance free, automatically scaled, automatically distributed, secure, and powered by almost any of the big name engines that you need.


Cheap hosting with Spaces.

Spend less for your basic websites. Spaces ensures your content is available fast, everywhere, with no overhead of server maintenance.


We’re still always a message away.

No matter what you need, we’re always just a message away. Never worry about having to wait on hold again.

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