Say Hi to Hyper

Your server software is the groundwork for your project. Your players can't enjoy a great experience if it's focused on tasks that may not relate to your minigame or project. HyperSpigot optimizes many frequently used functions of your server software, enables configuration of usually hidden features, and provides your developers the control they've been missing.



Hyper is inspired by PaperSpigot, so performance is built into the core. Additional advanced features such as asynchronous packet management allow your scoreboards and particle effects to be delivered through without a hitch.


Using plugins to put a bandage on crash exploits isn't a solution; patching it at the core of your server is. Hyper is built with preventions to some of the most common crash exploits used by the bad guys.




Additional APIs and events grant your development team access to more controls then they ever would have been provided with their standard Spigot install.

If something is missing, just reach out and we'll do our best to integrate the control you're looking for.


Delving into the details...

  • Hopper mechanics adjusted, improves performance for servers that have lots of redstone savvy-players

  • Asynchronous Packet Handling - Most packets sent from the server to your players will not hold up your primary thread

  • Patches an exploit with books that can be used to crash servers

  • Improvements for entity activation checks, improves performance for servers that have lots of mobs

  • Usage of Concurrent HashMaps throughout the project to make the server overall more thread-safe

  • Prevents look-ups of useless game profiles

  • Adjustments to prevent Network Manager blocking

  • Built-in prevention for rapid redstone clocks using torches

  • Optimizations for ChatComponents

  • Optimizations relating to chunk access

  • Improved memory usage by using one shared Random instance for all entities

  • Adjustments to mob spawn logic

  • ... and much more

Have questions about how Hyper will perform in your situation? Just ask!


The Difference

The brand new Skyblock Server "SkyTropia" ran an average TPS of 13.21 prior to the installation of Hyper, and by simply adding our patch to the server jar, the average TPS was boosted to 19.89

Another example of Hyper's power is our Minecraft Server "Uncharted". While running Hyper stays at an average TPS of 19.99, and can run without restarting for over 24 hours without any drop in server performance. The same server running on other advanced server software such as Paper Spigot, was only able to run for 6 hours without restarting, and an average TPS of 16.98

Our system administrative staff, combined with years of computer science, engineering, and hundreds of hours spent playing and learning the inner-workings of Minecraft have allowed us to develop the most optimized server software we've ever produced.


What else is included?

  • License to Hyper to use on one production server and 2 development servers. (Bundle pricing is available for large networks) (At this time, Hyper is only available for MC version 1.8.9)

  • Free updates to every release of Hyper for as long as your license is activated

  • Access to a Slack channel within our workspace for support, suggestions, and other feedback

  • The ability to request custom features that would normally require altering your own server jar


Ready to upgrade?

HyperSpigot is included with our Management 24/7 package, or can be licensed separately. Contact us for details.

All licenses include complimentary updates, which mean you will always have the latest optimizations, crash fixes, and APIs for your team to explore.