We license Hyper on a per-server basis. Bulk pricing is available for large networks, but typically our pricing works as follows:

  • $49/mo per month for the first server, billed annually
  • +$9/mo per month per additional server after the first, billed annually

Each billable server also includes a license for a development-instance counterpart.


Hyper Spigot doesn't actually include Spigot at all. Hyper is a patch jar that you can download. When you execute this jar in the same directory as your server software, our patches and modifications will be applied automatically.

We do not distribute, resell, or modify Spigot, Bukkit, or Paper directly.

For more installation help, please contact us.

License Details

Each license for Hyper lasts for a period of 1 year. Your license includes:

  • Usage of Hyper on every server covered by your license
  • Complimentary updates and fixes while your license is active
  • Access to a private Slack channel for support and feedback with us directly
  • The ability to request custom features that may not already be included