We’ll be a Great Team

You spend countless hours every day ensuring your next video, post, stream, or whatever it is you create is live for your fanbase to enjoy. Your brand is the most important thing to you - as it should be, it’s what you’ve worked to hard to build.

We’re here to give you the tools that you need to control, empower, and leverage it into something more real.


We’re MelonDev

We’ll keep our intro brief: For over a decade collectively, our team has provided creators and influencers like yourself with the guidance and tools they need to be successful. Whether this is a multiplayer server for your gaming channel, a brand new website to help you land sponsorships, or even just social media management - we’re here for you.

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How We Work Together

Our job is to give you the tools you need to grow your influence and empower your audience without changing your focus away from creating what matters most: your content that everyone loves you for.

You’re in Good Company

Some of the largest creators trust Melon Development.