Before you apply...

Melon Development is a new, expanding company that works with top talent in the gaming industry. Working with us, you can expect to partner with many clients with many projects in mind. Hours are flexible and contractors work remotely.

Before you submit an application, take some time to curate a portfolio of your previous work. These can be YouTube videos, websites, and profiles on sites like GitHub or BitBucket. It's also important that your portfolio showcases your experience in all areas of the Qualifications section of the job you're replying for. Due to the amount of applications we receive for each job listing, we only have time to reply to those that meet our minimum requirements.

In your application email, there's no need to re-iterate details about yourself that are already covered in your Resume. Your email should act as a brief introduction about yourself and the details of the position you're applying for. Let your experiences and portfolio speak for themselves!

Why Melon Development?

  • Wireless Work. All of our positions are remote and can be done from anywhere. Open up your laptop and get going anywhere with internet!

  • You’ll meet great people. Onboarding a 10 million subscriber creator or a Hollywood celebrity via their management company isn’t a rarity here. We have a pretty awesome team that’s excited to meet you, too.

  • Be a freelancer, without the hassle. We’ll always assign you to projects that fit your skills the best. We also handle the outreach, onboarding, billing, and extra annoyances for you. Just do great work!

  • Enjoy VIP treatment. We attend pretty much all the gaming and creator-focused events. Our team members frequently gain +1s to industry events, parties, behind the scenes passes, and more.

  • Great Rewards for Great Work! Earn our internal currency, Coins, just being recognized for great work. Redeem Coins for gift cards, prizes, and more.

  • Company Google Account and Git Hosting. Drop the GitHub membership and host your personal projects for free.


Available Positions

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