MelonCore is the missing piece.

A majority of development time is spent on building utilities, structures to support your game server, and many other tools that ensure your project runs smoothly. MelonCore was built to mitigate this time by providing servers a reliable base for our team to work from that they’re already familiar with — from database management, to economic control, to user data storage, it’s all done right out of the box.



MelonCore is extremely light-weight and has been stress tested for 400 player environments without missing a beat. You won’t even know it’s there.


Out of the box, MelonCore includes over 100 commands to make managing your server extremely easy, and comes with many more advanced features like a ledger-based economy system or built in support for multi-channel chat configurations.




MelonCore is always updated by the Melon Development team with new commands, features, and utilities for our team to work with. You’ll always be caught up to speed without any extra costs.


MelonCore provides…

  • Chat channel management.

    • Built-in channels: Global, Local, Market, Staff

    • Extensive API to add an unlimited amount of additional channels

    • Support for quick messaging, channel focuses, and hiding/showing channels

  • Combat Management

    • Built-in support for combat tags

    • Extensive API for retrieving tag details, tagging players, and cancelling tags

    • Configurable restrictions for prevent players from doing specific actions whilst in combat

  • Built-in Commands

    • Premade restart management, moderation commands, utility, messaging, and many more features out of the box

  • Extensive Command API

    • Register new commands on the fly without using the config.yml

    • Sub-command management with automatically generated help menus

    • Command argument system allows for fine-grained validation, tab completion suggestions, and more

    • Commands cooldowns, aliases, and much more supported out of the box

  • Database Management

    • Connection pooling via HikariCP

  • Economics

    • Ledger-based balance system

    • Balance top cache

    • Eco manipulation commands

  • Developer Tools

    • Dimension tools

    • Entity tools

    • File tools

    • Chest GUI tools

    • Scoreboard tools

    • Chat tools

    • much more

  • Item Manipulation

    • ItemUtil and ItemBuilder for making complex items easy to deal with

  • Punishment Management

    • Full-featured punishment system with tempbans, tempmutes, warnings, history logging, and much more

    • Database-based for cross-server compatibility

  • User Management

    • Alt account tracking with IP history

    • Core user data handling

    • Name history recording

    • UserManager APIs for developers

  • Warp Management

    • Set warps, travel to warps, and delete warps

    • Set custom welcomes, prices, and permission lock warps

    • API for working with warp points

  • Much more

    • Ask for details!


Ready to build off MelonCore?

MelonCore can be added to any game server development order. Speak to your account manager to get started, and to receive details on pricing and licensing.