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Offer Portal

Offer Portals by Melon Development allow you to monetize anything with the currency everyone has: time. Enable your audience, community, players, or anyone else to pay for products and services by completing sponsored offers, while you manage the exchange rates.

Demo Homepage  All Offer Portals are customized for the client they’re ordered for.

Demo Homepage
All Offer Portals are customized for the client they’re ordered for.


What’s the flow?

1: Users Complete Offers

As users complete the offers you’ve enabled, you earn revenue. Your users will receive a portion of these earnings as a virtual currency. The amount they earn is configured by you, and determined by the complexity of offers they complete.

2: Users Redeem Currency

Users spend their currency on any of the enabled extensions we offer. They can save up for something really great, or cash out early for quick benefits.

3: Repeat and broadcast

We broadcast earnings and redemptions publicly on the site to ensure that everyone knows the benefit to using your platform. Users will keep coming back to increase earnings.


Made for you.

Unlike many other “offer for product” services, every Offer Portal is custom designed and built for every client. One of the biggest problems that users have with these sites is trust - and what better way to build trust then by showing them who’s behind the curtain?

Features for Every Requirement

Offer Portals can be customized to promote specific products, apps, services, and more while offering an extremely flexible currency exchange system for just about anything you can think of. Add extensions to Offer Portal based on what you need:

  • Storefront. Sell digital products in exchange for the currency. Provide steam keys, merchandise discount codes, or anything else you can imagine

  • Media Player. Access videos, music, or any other multimedia content. Grant temporary access or lifetime on the account in exchange for currency.

  • Gift Cards. Allow users to purchase gift cards and redemption codes for their favorite brands.

  • Giveaways. Allow users to enter giveaways with massive prize pools, with built in auto-tweeting functionality for campaign promotion.

  • Games of Chance. Let users bet virtual currency on coinflips, jackpots, and more!

  • Live Chat. Let your community hang out and chat while they’re earning currency!

  • API ready. Integrate Offer Portal with anything else you may already use and let your users spend and earn currency off-site.

Looking for something specific that we haven’t mentioned? Just ask.

Modern & Mobile

All offer portals are built using the latest web standards. They look great on mobile, are made to last, and are infinitely extensible with new pages, widgets, and so much more.

As with all of our orders, it’s also covered for 60 days for any problems or issues that occur.


Sample Offer Portal

Every offer portal is unique. When you use your own domain, custom-made theme, Intelligent Extensions, and much more, your users will be right at home.



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