Snitch is a block logging and rollback plugin built for Minecraft 1.12 and up. With the ability to search your server for a near unlimited amount of actions and criteria, catching rule breakers for you and your staff team will be a snap. Combine that power with our insanely advanced rollback engine and no damage to your server will ever be permenant. 


Lookups in Snitch can be as specific as singular blocks, or as broad as entire worlds. Powerful commands let you be as specific as you need to be.

/snitch inspect

Activate the snitch inspector and your hand becomes a wand for the history of your server. Punch a block to check the history of the space, or right click to check the air adjacent to it.

/snitch near

Quickly check the history of the nearby area to give you a better story of what happened. But for the times when specifics matter...

/snitch lookup

Find data on your server with unmatched precision and control. Filter by players, activities, time, location, and much more to look for exactly what you need. Lookups are quick and provide as much detail as possible.


No damage is permanent. Not only can Snitch tell you about what happened, but it also has the tools built in to revert it like it never happened.


Use the /snitch preview command to show what a rollback will do to your world before it's actually applied. Previews are only visible to you, and make no world changes until confirmed.


Near-perfect rollbacks keep in mind sign text, chest contents, block data, sheep colors, wolf owners, villager professions, horse types, and even items on the ground. We don't miss anything.


An efficient database structure makes your lookup and rollbacks scream with speed. Large rollbacks of millions of blocks are typically completed in a few hundred milliseconds and all external database requests are made without ever halting your server.


  • /snitch actions|a - In-Game reference for all logged actions
  • /snitch params|p - In-Game reference for searchable criteria
  • /snitch rollback|rb <params> - Perform a rollback, instantly applying the changes to the world
  • /snitch restore|rs <params> - Restore a previous rollback, re-applying changes to the world
  • /snitch preview|pv <params> - Preview a rollback before performing it
  • /snitch lookup|l <params> - Lookup records stored by Snitch
  • /snitch near [radius] - View records for the surrounding area, defaults to 5 blocks.
  • /snitch teleport|tp [record] - Teleport to a record after performing a lookup. You can also just click on the record in your chat.
  • /snitch inspector|i - Toggle the inspector
  • /snitch next|prev - Move forward or back pages in the records view
  • /snitch page|pg <#> - Jump to a specific page in the records view
  • /snitch drain|dr [radius] - Drain all nearby liquids. Defaults to 10 blocks.
  • /snitch extinguish|ex [radius] - Extinguish all nearby fire. Defaults to 10 blocks.
  • /snitch undo - Re-applies the last rollback or restore you performed.


What you can search by....

  • Player will filter by a specific player
    • /snitch lookup player Turqmelon for all records by Turqmelon
    • /snitch lookup players Turqmelon JustPants Rhonim for all records by the 3 specified players
  • Actor will filter by a specific actor
    • /snitch lookup actor S-TNT for all blocks TNT has blown up
    • /snitch lookup actor S-Enderman for all blocks an enderman has stolen
  • Action will filter by specific actions
    • /snitch lookup actions break place for all blocks broken and placed
    • /snitch lookup action chat for just chat history
    • /snitch lookup action explode player turqmelon for blocks that turqmelon blew up
  • Since will filter records happening after a certain date or time
    • /snitch lookup since 1d for all records in the last day
    • /snitch lookup since 07/01/18 for all records since July 1st, 2018
    • /snitch lookup player Turqmelon since 30m for all records for turqmelon in the last 30 minutes
  • Before will filter records happening before a certain date or time
    • /snitch lookup before 7d for all records more then a week old
    • /snitch lookup before 06/01/18 for all records older then June 1st 2018
    • /snitch lookup since 2d before 1d for all records that happened yesterday
  • World will filter records to just a single world
    • /snitch lookup world world_nether for all actions in the nether
  • Radius will filter records to a specific area
    • /snitch lookup radius 20 for all actions in 20 blocks of you
    • /snitch lookup radius 20 player Turqmelon for all actions by turqmelon within 20 blocks of you
  • Coords will make radius target another location
    • /snitch lookup radius 20 coords 0 100 0 for all records within 20 blocks of 0, 100, 0
    • /snitch lookup radius 20 coords 0 100 0 world world_nether for all records within 20 blocks of 0, 100, 0 in the nether
  • Limit will limit the number of records returned
    • /snitch lookup limit 5 to return the first 5 most recent records
    • /snitch lookup actions chat limit 100 for the 100 most recent chat messages

Download Snitch