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Custom development helps drive viewer engagement and extend the time that your viewers spend in your stream. Integrate reward systems, achievements, games, special polls, custom bots, and so much more. Here at Melon Development, we can do it all, and truly turn your streams into an interactive experience.


We work with top creators in both the YouTube and Twitch space to produce top of the line content. For more details, check out our clients.


Featured Projects

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PBat Live

A truly one-of-a-kind experience. Complete with a built in shop to spend virtual currency, unlockable achievements, community goals, user profiles, and so much more: there really is nothing like the PBat Live experience.

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Bit Polls

Designed to drive donations and viewer engagement: Bit Polls allow streamers to host instagram-like vote-offs where viewers cheer with bits to vote for the option they like, all as a simple app that works with your existing streaming software.

Why Melon Development?

Melon Development offers all the skills and expertise required to create and manage your dream product. Whether you select to only get development services or plan to make use of multiple of our services, you won't be disappointed.

  • Customer Experience comes first. We'll walk you through every step of the process from concept to payment and make sure you understand every part of your project.

  • Professional Development. Our team has years of experience in the industry and will ensure that all your work is completed with industry standards in mind.

  • Transparent Pricing. The price you see is the price you pay. If adjustments or changes later would adjust your price, we'll let you know before beginning.

  • Support & Warranty. All Melon Development orders are covered by our 60 day support and warranty period. Contact us for help, issues, bugs, or problems within this period to have them corrected at no charge. Support & Warranty can be extended to up to 1 year for an additional fee.

  • Your Intellectual Property. If you buy it, you own it. We will never resell your work or distribute your source code. All downloads to projects include the source code with it at no extra charge.

  • Complete customization. We will allow you to determine specifics about your project every step of the way, from color scheme to data storage method - or let us decide for you.

One Simple Rate

$64.99/hr for development and design time

and we don’t take a penny of your stream revenue or donations

Large project?

We offer monthly payment contracts for those that need a lot of hours, or regular work on their project. Let us know you’re interested in one of our Development Subscriptions.

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